Tamariki Programme

Programmes are available to any child who has been affected by domestic violence. The course is run in groups of up to 8 children of similar age. Each child and caregiver are interviewed prior to the programme starting to gauge their suitability and readiness.

Course Outline:

The programme is 10 sessions long and each session covers a specific topic as well as exploring a particular feeling.

The course outline is as follows:

Session 1

Meeting each other and sharing about our families (Belonging).

Session 2

What is abuse? (Feeling Sad).

Session 3

What do we do with our anger (feeling Angry)

Session 4

Staying safe when there's fighting (feeling Secure)

Session 5

When parents fight (feeling Confused).

Session 6

Being assertive instead of passive or aggressive (feeling Strong)

Session 7

Friendships (feeling Proud of who I am).

Session 8

Good touch/Yukky touch (feeling Safe in my body)

Session 9

Looking back at what we've learnt (feeling Confident).

Session 10


Course Times:

Each group runs during the school term. One morning each week between 9am - 11am.


One of the facilitators will pick up the children from home or school and bring them back to school.


The cost is FREE. If caregivers have a protection order, a referral is done through the Family Court.

Please feel free to contact Ann Michelle with any concerns or queries at any time during the programme.

Enquire about the programme here