Parenting Programme

Week 1:  Trust and Respect


Week 2:  Provide Emotional and Physical Security

Getting to know each other, sharing our joys and challenges of parenting. Connecting with our feelings and needs to understand empathy. Role plays of situations with children to communicate and connect in a healthy way. Making family agreements, consequences, filling the love tanks. Set goals for the week.


Family meetings, behaviour management strategies, managing own behaviour, anger management strategies, getting help - agency and whanau support. Routines and rhythms in the home - morning, after school, bedtime, helping out. Weekly plans for shopping, cleaning, study, work. Children's school needs - camps, school interviews, homework. Where can I get support if I need it? Set goals for the week.


Week 3:  Getting the Money Right


Week 4: Providing Discipline

Speaker from IRD - info and presentation on what you're entitled to. Making sure you're getting what you're entitled to. Budgeting.


Revisit family agreements. Understanding personality types and how to meet them. Discussions on present challenges and how to meet them. Self discipline. Set goals for the week.


Week 5: Care for Yourself


Week 6: Giving Time, Play and Fun

Taking time out, filling your energy tanks, socialising without alcohol and drugs. How do I do this in a busy family with little children? Getting support - daycare, after school care etc. Set goals for the week.


Understanding child development and how to meet children at different ages and stages. Free things to go to, games, family and community activities. Activities to have available at home. Free and low cost things to do. Playing games with your children and managing disagreements. Fun family nights. Being spontaneous. Being creative with your children. Finishing round. Ongoing support.


Week 7: Encouragement and Support


Week 8: EIT

Giving affection - affirming children, positive praise, navigating discussions and disagreements positively. Letting them make mistakes. Teaching new skills, encouraging them to follow their interests. What does affection look like when you're happy? Stressed? Sad? Etc. Receiving affection for ourselves. What stops us from being loving and how do we get through that? Set goals for the week.


Looking forward to training and education. What's available? How do I go about it?

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