Getting Help

What you can do to live free from domestic violence

Napier Women's Refuge advocates are here to help you:

  • If you need transport to the Safe House.

  • If you need advice or information about domestic violence.

  • If you need support or someone to talk to.

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Safe House



The Safe House is a refuge for your immediate safety.

Drop everything and know you will be okay.24 hour contact with Napier Women's Refuge and the police.Stocked with food, clothing and essentials.Contains normal household amenities and a playground for children.

Phone 835 6515 if you need the safe house


Enrol in one of our education programmes and learn what domestic violence is, how it affects you, and how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. Our programmes have Ministry of Justice approval. All programmes are free.

Contact us to enrol.





Women's education programmes are 10 sessions.

In a group you will be able to:

  • Share your experiences.

  • Learn strategies to live free from domestic violence.

  • Seek advice and support.


Education programmes are available for children aged 5-12 years. Prior assessment is conducted for suitability. Over 10 weekly sessions, your children are able to:

  • Explore feelings associated with living in a home where there is violence.

  • Talk about what is going on for them.

  • Learn the appropriate expressions to voice themselves.




Parenting programmes are also available for caregivers using our services. You will learn strategies for communicating and engaging effectively with your children.